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What is Islamic Doctrine?

Islam essentially means to surrender or submit according to its Arabic understanding. The first man to whom Allah had bestowed the faith through the book was the Prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W.).  It was through him that Allah intended to communicate to HIS people in the world and bring them back to HIM. The object of mankind was as Allah spoke through the Quran. “And I have not created the Jinn and men but that they may worship me.” (51:57)

Man’s foundation must be based on Allah and HIS living should be a form of worship to Allah. This was how HE intended it to be. It is man’s duty to love Allah’s creation and show them compassion and mercy. The fundamental principles of faith that sustain man’s faith are reflected in HIS decrees.

First being belief in Allah

According to this, Allah is the only creator of the Universe and possesses divine attributes. No other or no one comes close to HIS glory or is the opposite of HIM, is equal to HIM or is as self-sufficient. True belief rests in knowing and obeying the Benefactor, Creator, Just, Merciful, All-Knowing, etc.

As HE has bestowed mighty blessings and knowledge to comprehend the marvellous things of the earth, the responsibility of behaving and giving reverence falls on man. This is the first of the 6 doctrines that we have covered here. Stay tuned to read and know more through the next blogs.


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