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Undesirables When You Are In Iĥraam

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Ihram is a sacred state entered by us as we decide to perform Hajj. One of the many necessary rituals after entering the state of Ihram is wearing the prescribed attire. For which, men and women accordingly defer. On attaining a state of complete spiritual purity known as Ihram, it expects the individual to be pure in mind and in body.

After you have entered the state of Ihraam there are number of things that are undesirable. Here are those things that you should avoid while in the state of Ihraam:

  1. To remove dirt or scum from the body.
  2. To wash hair or body with un-perfumed soap.
  3. To comb own hair.
  4. To scratch the head or body in a way that may cause hair or lice to fall.
  5. To wear or put on body any cloth which has been put in Loobaan and it still smells of it.
  6. To hide any part of face with cloth.
  7. To enter under the curtain of Ka`bah in such a way that either it touches the head or the face.
  8. To use darned or patched Iĥraam.
  9. To tie a Ta`weedh in arm even using unstitched cloth.
  10. To lie down in a way that face touches pillow.
  11. To put bandage without a valid reason.
  12. To eat anything in which odorous ingredients have been added and which are not cooked and still emits odours.
  13. To do make up.
  14. To join one end of the sheet covering lower part of the body with other end by a needle or a pin or tie a knot on it.
  15. To wear a Lunggi and tighten it with a belt or a waist band.

All the above acts are Makrooh/undesirable in the state of Iĥraam. Help someone who is not aware about these things and remember these when you are in the state of Ihraam.


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