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Iĥraam of a Minor


If you are going to perform Hajj with your minor child, then he is supposed to be in Ihraam too. And if you are unaware about the various necessities regarding a Minor’s Ihraam, then here are two important points for you. This will guide you to take proper steps with and for your minor.

For children who are not matured:

  1. If your child is not matured to wear Ihraam or perform rituals by himself/herself, then as a Walee (guardian), you have to dress your child accordingly.
  2. You have to make the Niyyat on behalf of your child and explain them all the prohibitions that one has to know while in Ihraam.
  3. You will have to perform every ritual of Hajj and Umrah on his/her behalf.
  4. You are not required to offer prayers which are Waajib after Tawaaf on behalf of your child.
  5. If your child is immature but still puts on Ihraam and completes the rituals all by himself/herself then his Hajj is not valid. In such a case, it is Waajib on you to perform the rituals on behalf of your child apart from those prayers which are Waajib after Tawaaf


For children who are matured:

  1. If your child is matured, then he has to put Ihraam and perform the rituals all by himself/herself.
  2. He/she should make Niyyat and observe all the prohibitions of the Ihraam.
  3. He/she is expected to perform all the rituals of Hajj & Umrah by himself/herself.
  4. If he/she fails to follow any prohibitions of the Ihraam or commits any mistake, no expitation entails.
  5. If his/her Hajj becomes Faasid, it is not to be repeated.

However, the Hajj performed by these children is counted as Nafl Ĥajj. After he/she attains puberty and if the Ĥajj becomes Fardh on this child he/she has to perform it on his/her own.


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