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How to connect young Muslims to community & spirituality this Ramadan?

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Inquisitive young Muslims tend to get distracted due to various new technologies. They are inclined to the newness of what this generation has to offer. Amidst getting connected online, today’s young Muslims are disconnected from community & spirituality.

It is our duty to inspire them and encourage them to participate in community services. Introduce them to spirituality to feel grounded and connected to Allah. So, that Allah can show them the correct way if and when they feel lost. And Ramadan is the best month to experience the true spirituality.

Here are some ideas that you can use:

Be present at Taraweeh prayers

During Ramadan, if your child cannot or does not pray all of the Rakay of Taraweeh, still bring them with you to the Mosque. They will immerse themselves in the solidarity as they listen to the soft recitation of the Quran.

Even younger kids can take an advantage provided you explain to them about the decorum of the Mosque. You may even reward them afterwards if they behave well. They may not be able to understand Imam or Khateeb, simply praying with fellow Muslims help to strengthen the community spirit.

Be present for Juma prayers

Especially in the month of Ramadan, Juma prayers are considered to be a wonderful opportunity to see community interaction in actuality.

All you have to do is, to be sure about choosing a place that gives the Khutba in English as well as in Arabic.

Go to a different mosque every week

If you happen to live in a huge city where the Muslim community is large, then it is a good idea to visit a new mosque every week. You might not be comfortable to have a new mosque every week due to Ramadan fasting, but for your child, it is the time he/she can see the diversity of the Ummah and unity amongst fellow Muslims.

 Consider starting a “Wisdom of the Elders” series

The elders in our community have gained wisdom over the years. They have experienced some unusual things and they have learnt a lot of lessons that are surely entertaining and worth sharing. Organise a meet every week during Ramadan where the community elders share their fascinating story with the young Muslims and inspire them further and help them connect better.

The advantage of this activity is that the young Muslims will learn from the first-hand experience of the elders and those often neglected elders will feel like contributing more to the community.

Encourage to opt for skills that can help the community at large.

The community needs young Muslims’ help in its growth. It is their new skills that will support this progress. And it is a matter of hours or even days to learn a skill that will be beneficial for the community. The young Muslim can learn about First Aid, CPR or babysitting, project management, crisis management and much more.

Ramadan is the holy month where it is always a good idea to take up a new skill for the betterment of the community.

Attend in projects organised by Mosques and other Islamic organisations.

In Ramadan, if your local Mosque is organising a service project like collecting toys or food, feeding the underprivileged, etc.; register yourself and even take your child. Your child will surely experience the boost to serve the community. You can get in contact with various agencies that have special services planned for Ramadan.

Help them connect to the higher self. They will surely thank you some day!



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