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Your journey of SELF PURIFICATION begins here.

We at Al Khalid Tours and Travel feel most privileged to have a branch in Varanasi for you to embark on a Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat pilgrimage. We specialize in designing packages for Umrah, Ziyarat and Hajj to make it a feasible option for everyone. For years, we have successfully enabled thousands of pilgrims on this holy journey.

Because of providing service in this industry for years, we have been able to facilitate connections both in Saudi Arabia and India for visa, hotels and other services. In Varanasi, we are able to bring all forces together for the benefit of pilgrims and are only a call away from receiving all the necessary information that you need about the most important journey of your lifetime.

Our goal resides in ensuring the pilgrims have a safe and comfortable stay more importantly every aspect of the journey contributes to making it a holy one. The branch in Varanasi is to support this understanding as we vouch to make our services more accessible and available to our Muslim brothers and sisters. We invite you then to make the most of this opportunity and take advantage of the many best packages we have to offer in Varanasi. For your journey from Varanasi to Saudi Arabia, decide the most suitable package for you and give us the chance to serve you!


One must perform Umrah multiple times to remind ourselves time and again of the significance of worshipping the creator and to live a life of dedication. This opportunity to reside in his presence by performing Umrah more than once must be taken advantage of to its optimum. In addition, Al Khalid Tours and Travels acknowledge the solemnity of this journey and customize our facilities and benefits for the sake of our customers.


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