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Surat is a preserver of colonial history and is the 8th largest city in India. The significance of this place dates back to the 12th century and with time and events its importance only grew. What was once a point of transit for Mecca in the early 16th century stands for similar interest even in the 20th century.

We at Al Khalid Tours and Travels are all about leading our brothers and sisters safely and comfortably to the house of Allah i.e. Mecca and Madina. We have laid base in Surat to keep alive the tradition that existed wherein people considered Surat a convenient point to travel to Mecca to fulfill their Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat journey.

Having served in this industry for about 20 years or so, our experience and thus the services with time has only increased and become more affordable and better. We are considered as one of the best for quality travel and stay by our clients and pilgrims. In this period, we have been acknowledged by the government of India and the government of Saudi Arabia for living up to our commitments. Hence, our credibility facilitates a smooth travel for our pilgrims.

This is an opportunity to embark on a holy journey from one of the oldest places in India such as Surat with the assistance of Al Khalid Tours and Travels. We are rest assured you will have a remarkable experience as you grace us with a chance to serve you on your Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat journey.

Make the most of possibilities that guide you to Allah’s home!

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Perform Umrah to seek forgiveness for the various faults and sins you may have committed. On such a holy journey to the house of Allah, witness his presence and peace on this most beloved journey. We hope you choose Al Khalid Tours and Travels to serve you as you embark on a pilgrimage that is transformative in nature.


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